14 May 2010

50 Fabulous Knit Stitches

Over Golden Week I was back in the US. While my adorable and slightly geeky husband was browsing in Best Buy (why, I have no idea - the electronics stores in Japan are vastly superior), I wandered over to Michael's. I am not allowed to buy new yarn any time soon - my stash is enormous - but yarn is so intoxicating! To take my mind of the skeins of chunky wool that were calling my name, I made an impulse buy - 50 Fabulous Knit Stitches by Rita Weiss.

This is the very first knitting book I have ever purchased. I rely almost exclusively on Ravelry. Tante Relly gifted me a sock book when she was teaching me the ropes of sock knitting, but never have I purchased an instruction book of my own. It turns out I like this book-learning thing!

I am not much of a pattern-follower, but learning new stitches is fun (and gives me unending great ideas for how to modify other projects I have been thinking of). Right now I am devoting about an hour each morning to testing out a new stitch.

I imagine a funky cardigan knit bottom-up using these shell-shaped scallops and big, bright buttons.

Leaves are a great, classic motif, and I can see them running up a scarf or a sleeve.

This purple beauty was my introduction to bobbles - I think it would make a great hat (or even mittens)!

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