18 May 2009


I knit this little sweater using a heavily modified version of the Easy Baby Cardigan pattern. I put the opening on the shoulder to make a little snap open for baby's head, and then joined to knit in the round. Believe it or not, this sweater only took 1 skein of yarn!

I used Premier Yarns Serenity sock weight, self striping yarn, with ivory trim. The yarn is a wool, bamboo, nylon mix. I got the yarn at Joann's when I was back in the US over Golden Week. I started this project on the plane back to Tokyo, and finished about a week later. Progress was facilitated by Michael's long working hours!

Close up of the puff-sleeve. I was pretty proud of it.

I will be sending this beauty off to our friends Anhtuan and Anne, who are expecting their first baby together!

15 May 2009

Little Sister Dress - In Progress

This is a true Japanese creation - I started casting on while riding the Shinkansen to Kyoto (ripping it out several times), and continued working on it under the cherry blossoms at Hanami. (this picture - note the ubiquitous blue tarp).

The light blue yarn is from a yarn shop I found in Kamakura, and the brown is some leftover wool from our Lodenwelke trip in Austria (also used on my Wool Baby Jacket).

Wool Baby Jacket

This is the first project that I started for ME. It is also the first project I completed in Japan.

I love this wool, purchased at a Lodenwelke in Austria, and I decided it would make a great little unisex jacket for a future Downie (as my mom likes to call her future grandchildren). I used a really simple 5 square pattern (knit 5 squares - a big one for the back, and then 2 for the front, and two for the arms). I used a 3-needle cast-off to attach the back to the front panels, and then picked up stitches for the arms. The neckline, front, and wrists are in garter stitch, and the rest is in seed stitch.

I've purchased some wooden buttons, but haven't put them on yet. I'm playing with waiting for a Downie to make his or her arrival before putting on buttons, or just biting the bullet and getting fun colorful buttons. The hope is that this jacket will "grow" and could be used as a cardigan for a 2-3 year old as well.