16 April 2009

Easy Top-Down Baby Sweater

This is the first top-down baby sweater I knit, and it was a blast. Not only is top-down the ONLY way to knit sweaters, this one is the perfect base to make all sorts of modifications. I used this pattern, which I found on Ravelry.

I knit this using inexpensive synthetic yarn from the 100 ¥ Shop. It took about 5.5 small skeins, and a few days of diligent knitting. I knit this up right after the move to Japan, so I wasn't working yet (which explains how fast it went).

This sweater might look familiar - I blogged about it on my Japan blog here. I ended up ironing a cute whale patch onto the front, and sending it to my niece, Celia, for her first Christmas.

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